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Our Promise


For more than 34 years I have provided my clients in-depth consultation, guidance, and expertise with a comprehensive range of architectural and engineering services and support. I can help you design your home and provide conceptual and preliminary drawings that will enable you to actively participate throughout the design process. I can provide detailed architectural and construction drawings with specifications that will insure your home is built right. If you already have plans or drawings, I will review, revise or modify these plans as needed to incorporate desired changes, and insure that your plans are complete and adequately detailed to maintain quality, and save on construction costs. If desired, I can also help you manage the construction phase or work closely with your general contractor on your behalf. In short, I can help you design and build a better home and save you money in the process.

The attached diagram labeled “From Dreams To Reality” represents the pathway to achieving your dream home. This 3-step process will help identify and insure those characteristics that represent your personal essence of home. Characteristics such as the importance of sunlight. . . the quest for order and balance. . . . the need for spaces to be together and spaces to be alone. In other words, incorporate those personalized design elements that will excite the senses and nourish the soul. No less important, the Value Engineering incorporated in Step 3 guarantees that your home will be energy efficient and as maintenance free as possible.

To receive more information or to schedule a free consultation, please call me at (410) 472-4306, or contact me via email, or fill-out and return the "Client Design Profile Questionnaire" pdf form. No house is too big or too small. I can help you turn YOUR dreams into reality.

Paul R. Pare´